Bringing Rockbridge Music into the 21st Century!

Rockbridge Music has had an amazing journey spanning 4 decades of colorful changes in the world of music. It has seen the rise and fall of rock ‘n’ roll, post-disco, dance-pop, punk, grunge, ska, etc. to name only a few, as well as the emergence of countless new genres. It has watched as traditional music-making practices and traditional analog instruments—such as the guitar, the piano, or the drums—have waned in representation in popular music, while new digital sounds and tools—such as a MIDI plugged into a laptop outfitted with GarageBand, itself equipped with full suites of looped samples, synthesizers and electronic drum kits—have largely taken their place. Additionally, it has witnessed the dawn of e-commerce, in the form of Amazon and other such platforms, and with it, the re-shaping of our entire world economy.

And now it is Rockbridge Music’s turn for a little change. Over the next few years, we will be transforming our business: keeping what works, saying farewell to what doesn’t, and all the while, serving our community in valuable and creative ways! While music and technology may change and evolve over time, there is something that will never change: people will always gather to make music, to listen to music, and to learn HOW to make music! We look forward to exploring and sharing this new era with you!

— Daniel Schofield  | Technology Consultant & Owner’s Son